Board of Directors Governance Effectiveness Self-Evaluation

Governance Effectiveness Self-Evaluation

Board of Directors Self Assessment Form:
- Self-assessment on 15 different points on Board and Organizational Effectiveness
- Auto-calcultate totals
- Narrative questions included

The Board Governance Effectiveness Self-Evaluation tool will help your Board of Directors take a critical look at their capabilities and readiness to meet the growing needs of the population your organization serves, along with the expectations of stakeholders. As Directors think about the opportunities and challenges the organization will face this year and beyond, the self-assessment process should be an important part of the board's agenda.

You will receive two file formats:
- Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

This template was created as a sample for educational and informational purposes only. Prior to adopting this sample template for your own use, you (nonprofits and other bodies) should seek advice from your own professional advisors.

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