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Donor Interview Questions

Donor Interview Questions

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41 questions to ask when meeting with someone who might already be - or become - a donor to your organization.

Fundraising is both a science and an art... but when it comes down to it, raising funds from individuals starts by getting to know them and developing a relationship.

These questions are specially formulated to help guide you in discovering more about your donors' philanthropy and personal story about why they support your mission.

Not only that, they're fun and can make for an incredibly rewarding conversation and visit with your donors.

Another incredibly useful process that you can begin using today is called Moves Management. Enclosed in this download is a bonus training guide to help you develop a framework for your major gifts initiatives.

Moves Management is a simple process that will help you track the status of your individual donor relationships – from identifying who may be your best prospects for a major gift, to asking them to give, to receiving the gift and every step of the way.

And what’s even better is that the move you begin to use this process, the easier it becomes. The first year is always the hardest as you are laying the groundwork and are learning a LOT… but after year one? You’ll begin to really climb… continuing the process and building upon it.

The terms below will help you track the progress of your individual major donor relationships:

Prospect Statuses:
* Identification/Discovery
* Qualification
* Cultivation
* Solicitation
* Stewardship
* Stewardship - pending
* Stewardship - funded
* Stewardship - not this year

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