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Donor Relations Tracker

Donor Relations Tracker

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Practicing gratitude is one of the most magnetic, fun, and powerful way to raise funds. And I am grateful that you're checking out this listing - and today is your lucky day! Because this tool is now FREE! 

Gratitude can turn a donor into a friend,
a nonprofit into a mission-driven agency.

For those without a database, keeping track of your daily conversations with donors can be a challenge!

This simple little weekly tracker will help you record your daily conversations and connections. And it's super simple to use!

Step 1: Add the date!
Step 2: Write the names of the people who recently gave so you can thank them.
Step 3: Write two names down every day of who you'll be reaching out to.
Step 4: Put a checkmark under the little phone icon if you call them, under the email icon if you email them, or under the mailbox if you put a personal note in the mail.

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