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Major Donor Rating Tool

Major Donor Rating Tool

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Congratulations on getting your Nonprofit Charity to the point where you are ready to begin building out an organized and robust major gifts strategy!

Building out a major gifts program can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. To achieve excellence in fundraising, you must take several small steps… over and over again… trusting the process and letting it unfold.

One tool that will save you a lot of time and provide a lot of clarity on who to begin to cultivate for a major gift for your organization is called a "major donor rating tool."

This has been one of the most valuable tools for me - it has been modified over several years based on my personal experience raising funds from individuals... not only has it helped me identify who my best prospects are but it's helped me gain confidence and a deeper understanding about why we choose who we choose to cultivate for a major gift in a way that centers and honors the one you will be asked to give!

Another incredibly useful process that you can begin using today is called "Moves Management." Enclosed in this download is a bonus training guide to help you develop a framework for your major gifts initiatives.

Moves Management is a simple process that will help you track the status of your individual donor relationships – from identifying who may be your best prospects for a major gift, to asking them to give, and to receiving the gift every step of the way.

And what's even better is that the more you begin to use this process, the easier it becomes. The first year is always the hardest as you are laying the groundwork and are learning a LOT but after year one? You'll begin to really climb continuing the process and building upon it.

The terms below will help you track the progress of your individual major donor relationships:

Prospect Statuses:
* Identification/Discovery
* Qualification
* Cultivation
* Solicitation
* Stewardship
* Stewardship - pending
* Stewardship - funded
* Stewardship - not this year

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