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Nonprofit Board Member Application

Nonprofit Board Member Application

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Nonprofit Board Member Application | Application to join the Board of Directors | Application to join a Nonprofit Board

Ensure your Board Members - and prospective members - are committed to your mission and bring the proper skills you need to your Board

There are several benefits to having those interested in becoming a Board member apply to join your organization's Board, including:

It requires them to think carefully about their decision to join your Board, when completing the application.

It can collects important information that otherwise might be forgotten to be collected, for example, other affiliations they have that might cause a conflict of interest, what skills they have to bring to the Board.

You will receive two file formats:
- Microsoft Word (.docx)

Questions to Ask a Board Member Applicants (PDF and Word Doc)

This template was created as a sample for educational and informational purposes only. Prior to adopting this sample template for your own use, you (nonprofits and other bodies) should seek advice from your own professional advisors.

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