Nonprofit Risk Management - Internal Controls Checklist

Nonprofit Risk Management - Internal Controls Checklist

Sections include:
* Cash Receipts
* Cash Disbursements
* Petty Cash
* Payroll
* Fixed Assets
* Financial Statements
* General

6-pages with 68 Internal Controls to help protect and ensure your nonprofit's financial integrity.

Looking for something quick to review. Here are ten easy-to-adopt internal controls that any small to medium-sized nonprofit can begin implementing today:

* Review Invoices
* Review Employee Reimbursements
* Review Payroll Reports
* Limit Accountant Authority
* Review Significant Contributions for Donor Restrictions
* Review Donor Restricted Contributions
* Reconcile Donor Database to the General Ledger
* Review Monthly Income and Expense Statements (Outside of the Accounting Department)
* Create a Month-End Close Checklist
* Review Monthly Financial Sheets to Statements

You will receive:
- 1 .doc document
- 1 PDF document

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