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Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template

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Does your nonprofit, church, charity, PTA group, or civic group host a fundraising event that includes a live, silent, or virtual auction?

This silent auction bid sheet template can help.

A silent auction bid sheet is super simple. It's simply a piece of paper that allows guests to place bids on an auction item!

Other guests can see the latest bid and add a higher bid directly underneath. When the auction is over, you can look at the latest bid to determine the winner and contact them with the information provided.

Bid sheets can be as simple as a blank piece of paper beside each auction item.

However, there are certain pieces of information you can include on your bid sheets to make sure that your auction runs smoothly, and that everyone involved has a positive experience.

The template comes in two formats:
- Microsoft Word

Curious what to include on your silent auction bid sheet?
Make sure it includes the essentials. This will make it easy and enjoyable for your guests to participate in the auction while helping you stay organized after the auction closes.

Here’s what to include:

**Title and description of item**
These should match (or be a shorter version) of what you’ll put on your item description sheets. Make sure they grab your guests’ attention and entice them to place a bid.

**Item number**
If you’ll be displaying an item number in front of each auction item, be sure to note this number on the bid sheets, as well. This will help ensure that guests are filling out the correct bid sheet.

**Item value**
This is how much the item is worth. Seeing a high-value item can encourage guests to place bids, in hopes of getting a good deal.

**Starting bid**
The first bidder must place a bid amount that is equal to or exceeds the starting bid. The starting bid should reflect the item’s value and can have a similar effect on its appeal.

**Minimum raise**
The subsequent bidders must place bids that are a certain amount higher than the previous bid. Again, this depends on the item’s value.

**“Buy now” price**
If a guest has their heart set on an item, they can purchase it at the “buy now” price and end the bidding.

**Blanks fields for a bidder number and bid amount**
This is where guests will place their bids by writing down their bidder number (which they would receive at registration) and their bid amount. Some bid sheets ask bidders to write down their name and contact information, but most guests prefer the anonymity and privacy that using a bidder number provides.

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