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Whistleblower Protection Policy

Whistleblower Protection Policy

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Whistleblower Protection Policy
Make your high standards of business and personal ethics clear, and provide protection when people come forward with concerns.

"A whistleblower policy encourages staff and volunteers to come forward with credible information on illegal practices or violations of adopted policies of the organization, specifies that the organization will protect the individual from retaliation, and identifies those staff or board members or outside parties to whom such information can be reported."
- Form 990 Instructions

3-Page Whistleblower Protection Policy Sample. Sections include:
- Reporting Responsibility
- No Retaliation
- Reporting Procedure
- Compliance Officer
- Accounting and Auditing
- Good Faith
- Confidentiality
- Reported Violations

You will receive two file formats:
- Microsoft Word

This template was created as a sample for educational and informational purposes only. Prior to adopting this sample template for your own use, you (nonprofits and other bodies) should seek advice from your own professional advisors.
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