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10 Page Case for Support Template

10 Page Case for Support Template

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Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.

This guide is will help you write a fundraising proposal that inspires your prospective donors to give.

This fully customizable template can help! Stop spinning your wheels, because the task has just become less daunting.

Your case for support must tell your organization's story and inspire people with how you're fulfilling your mission. Additionally, it will build trust between you and your prospective donors that your organization is fiscally sound and capable of achieving the goals and objectives of your project/program.

This template is more than just visually pleasing, it's filled with writing prompts and fundraising best practices to guide you before you make the ask.

The template is specially designed for nonprofits, NGOs, churches, community groups as well as charities, and other religious organizations.

Create a case for support to simplify the writing process and allow you to ask for major gifts, and apply for grants or sponsorships. Once this is complete, you'll learn how much easier it is to identify a grant opportunity and then apply!

The 10-page fundraising proposal template is easy to use and covers everything a good funding application should include - and I've included writing prompts to help you along the way.


- Frontpage
- Mission/Vision
- History
- Project overview and the direct ask for funding
- Program overview, problems you're looking to overcome, and how you'll do it
- How do you benefit the community
- Impact in Action - a page to tell a story about a specific program participant
- Project budget
- Board of Directors
- Contact Information and back cover


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