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Nonprofit Board Member Orientation Outline

Nonprofit Board Member Orientation Outline

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Give your new Board Members what they need to serve and succeed!

Nonprofit Board Member Orientation Outline

Use this orientation outline to guide the orientation of you new board members!
Please modify this checklist based on your specific needs to ensure that all of your new board members are provided with the information necessary to fulfill their responsibilities – including a deeper understanding and appreciation of your mission.

Orientation Outline Includes:
- Program
- History
- Strategy
- Finances
- Structure
- Operations
- Roles and Responsibilities

Your Board orientation will thoughtfully provide your new Board members with the information they need on their role in the organization to set them up for success. Having an orientation plan will help them better understand their role while also grounding them in your mission.

You will receive two file formats:
- Microsoft Word (.docx)

This template was created as a sample for educational and informational purposes only. Prior to adopting this sample template for your own use, you (nonprofits and other bodies) should seek advice from your own professional advisors.
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