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Prospective Board Member Invitation

Prospective Board Member Invitation

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Inviting someone to join your nonprofit Board of Directors is a huge deal.

The more prepared you are when you "make the ask," the more enthusiastic and confident your Board prospect will be when considering this opportunity.

Congratulations on finding an amazing prospective new board member in your community and gearing up to ask them to join your Board! That is no small feat.

This invitation letter template is to be used as a guide, but your personalization of the letter will make all of the difference. When you give or send, this letter to the individual you have in mind, be sure to partner it with a conversation with them. This will honor them as an individual and help them gain greater insight as to why they are being invited to sit on your organization's Board of Directors.

Additionally, while this letter is intended to accompany a personal invitation for someone to join your Board, there are other pieces of information you will want to include with it:

An outline of the requirements/expectations:
* Regular meetings (dates/times)
* Board retreats
* Participation in strategic planning
* Participation in fundraising initiatives
* Serving on committees
* Job description
* Organizational brochure
* Most recent annual report

You will receive:
* a 1-page prospective Board Member invitation letter template

Formats include:
* .doc
* Canva template

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